About Us



Working together health foundation is an indigenous Non profit organisation with focus on HEALTH, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND EDUCATION. Notice referrals no deposit bonus codes australia.

Founded on the belief that everyone has a right to good health and better standards of living, our activities focus on community development with an emphasis on alleviating the inequalities in health and social status affecting the less privileged of our society including women and vulnerable children.

Over the past few years, we have demonstrated unprecedented success in delivering health awareness, education and other social interventions at the community level in various states in Nigeria.

Our focus on health is centered around Malaria Eradication, Cancer awareness, screening and treatment

Women and girls make up the majority of the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. At Working Together Health Foundation, we are committed to ending poverty — by attacking its root causes, not only its consequences.

Working Together Health Foundation aim to empower and uplift women with lower income while also providing them with the skills and confidence necessary to maintain a healthier lifestyle and gain financial stability.

Our Free services
– Cervical Cancer screening
– Breast Cancer screening
– Cryosurgery
– Prostrate Cancer screening
-Malaria test and general health check


For those helpless people who need it every minutes.